MLEDGE project – deliverables repository

P0 – Project Management

  •  E0.1 – M6 – Quality control and risk management strategy (pdf, Spanish)


P1 – Requirement analysis, architecture and design

  • E1.1 – M6 – Requirements and design of MLEDGE architecture and use cases (preliminary) (pdf, Spanish)
  • E1.2 – M6 – Tender process RFP documents (link to the tender process)
  • E1.2 – M9 – Second tender process RFP documents (link to the tender process). Status: pending award.

P2 – Implementation of MLEDGE basic components



P3 – Traditional economy use case implementation



P4 – Digital economy use case implementation



P5 – Cloud infrastructure provisioning and optimization



P6 – Proof of Concept, exploitation and dissemination

  • E6.1 – M6 – Dissemination and communication plan (pdf, Spanish)