Meet MLEDGE Partners: Orange

June 28, 2024

Orange is part of the MASORANGE Group, the largest telecommunications operator in Spain by number of customers with over 37 million broadband and mobile lines. MASORANGE has more than 29 million marketable homes with its fiber optic offer and covers 99% of the Spanish population with its 4G mobile network and more than 84% with the new 5G technology. In financial terms, MASORANGE is one of the 20 largest companies in Spain by revenue, with over €7.4 billion.

Orange, in collaboration with Acuratio, will lead a use case that will demonstrate the relevance of the project for the digital economy. Anonymized data obtained from mobile phone users provides the necessary spatiotemporal resolution and scale to support, among other use cases, the detection of mobility patterns that can address issues such as disease spread and urban planning using Federated Learning, while preserving user privacy at all times.

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