Presenting the paper in Anaheim, California

Understanding the price of data in Commercial Data Marketplaces

May 27, 2024

MLEDGE has already started publishing relevant papers in top CS venues. Last April 2023, our colleague Santiago Andrés presented the paper “Understanding the Price of Data in Commercial Data Marketplaces” (DM) at the International Conference on Data Engineering (ranked A* according to CORE2023) in Anaheim, California. This paper is being further developed within the scope of the FLaaS Transaction Management component of MLEDGE.


The paper presented a first-of-its-kind measurement study of the growing DM ecosystem, focused on understanding which features of data are actually driving their prices in the market. I developed classifiers for comparing data products across different DMs, as well as regression analysis for revealing features that correlate with data product prices of specific categories. Within MLEDGE, the paper has been extended to be used as a federated market-based pricing tool that allows DM to collaboratively train pricing and classification models without sharing their sensitive data about asking prices or transactions with third parties.

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